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Bridgeton Neighborhood Destroyed By Tornado | News

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Bridgeton Neighborhood Destroyed By Tornado

A monster of a tornado destroyed a Bridgeton neighborhood.  All but one of 14 homes that were built ten years ago on Beaverton Driver are now condemned.  The tornado obliterated some and smashed into others.  No one in the neighborhood was injured.  

Former St. Louis City Police Chief Ron Henderson and his wife Peggy live there.  They thanked their higher power for saving lives.  Chief Henderson said, "God was riding shot-gun for us, through the years I've been through a lot of stuff, seen a lot of stuff, to live through this I'm feel pretty good about it."

Emergency responders rushed to the scene Friday night and discovered all the residents were safe and sound.  But too be sure they returned with search dogs this afternoon.  The dogs sniffed piles of debris. Capt. Dave Dotson with the Pattonville Fire District said, "We just wanted to make absolutely sure that no one was in a debris pile that was out in the yard that was unaccounted for or unknown to the residents so this gave us that extra level of safety and knowledge."

Bridgeton authorities estimate the tornado was more than three football fields wide.  It was large, an F-4.   It was the biggest tornado in the area since 1967.

Cars were thrown into front yards, others flipped in driveways.  Stairways that once led to the bedrooms of two story homes now lead to nowhere after the storm ripped off the top part of the home.

It looks as if a bomb went off in the neighborhood.  Still people are grateful that no one was injured.


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